Fine Engineering Works

Moulds Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Fine Engineering Works is an established Mould manufacturer and exporter, located in India. Their top of the range production and design facilities allow them to meet every customers’ requirements. Whatever mould design may be required, these facilities can be used to customize each product, to satisfy the customer’s needs.

What Is A Mould?

A mould is an empty container that you can use to shape the product you want. Whatever hot or molten material you use, it can be shaped in a specific way for when it cools down and hardens. It is important that moulds are high quality and durable, you want to be able to reuse them.

Fine Engineering Works

Fine Engineering Works offer two different types of materials that can be used for moulds. Including PVC and Plastic.

These PVC and Plastic Moulds come in many different shapes and sizes. As mentioned, they can be designed to meet any customer’s needs.

Comprehensive Facilities

The design and manufacturing facilities allow the team at Fine Engineering Works to deliver whatever product you need. Shapes and sizes may vary, there extensive range of tools allows them to create a vast array of moulds. The design production includes comprehensive equipment to ensure fast and efficient operation, to provide great standard moulds, and fast.

Every raw component, to every packaged and shipped mould is counted and recorded for by the team at Fine Engineering Works. They use electronic and practical systems to keep a stock update on all products. Keeping up to date with their stock allows them control their orders. They can bring in new stock if is needed.

Fine Engineering Works can supply their moulds to a range of countries around the world. Their moulds are transported in secure packaging to ensure it arrives in good condition. Water and dust proof packaging material minimises the risk of any damage to these moulds. So you can be sure to receive your mould how you expect it.

Quality Mould Guarantee

All of the PVC and Plastics Moulds are produced abide the international quality standards and norms. In order to maintain this high standard of work, a quality control system has been setup in Fine Engineering Works. This ensures that the raw materials use are of high standard. Moulds are tested for durability and strength after production to guarantee the best performance from these products. Every aspect is precisely measured including, packaging, dimensions and endurance, to accurately check that the product meets buyer’s demands.

Plastic and PVC Moulds

Plastic and PVC Moulds delivered by Fine Engineering Works are recognised for their precise measurements. Excellent standard and durability. These Moulds last long and are fit for a number of moulding jobs. Including zig zag, round dumble, Milano and I shape PVC moulds, the team already have experience in producing a vast number of shapes. But that’s not all, they engineers also produce Plastic Moulds. Rectangle, I shape, square, X shape and a vast array of other Plastics have also been produced. You can be sure that Fine Engineering Works can meet your logical Moulding needs in terms of product practicality.

Bulk Mould orders can also be placed, which can be efficient for both the client and Fine Engineering Works. Their facilities allow them to provide bulk orders and meet these customer needs.


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